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While we are currently not accepting new staff, we have an exciting new opportunity to share your voice. If you are a high schooler interested in submitting an opinion article as a guest writer, please submit the application at the bottom of this page. The form will ask you for your full name, email, date of birth, name of school, state, and a short bio of 3-4 sentences about yourself and what you like to write about. Furthermore, you will be asked to write and submit an opinion piece on a current event of 400 to 2000 words. Your article can be virtually about any topic, as long as it's factually correct and doesn't disrespect other opinions without evidence. We will give you credit in the form of your name when we publish your article. We retain the full right to decline any articles at our discretion. Please read the TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY for further details. Disclaimer: We believe in free speech and won't decline articles based on political or social views.


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